Quite possibly the coolest t shirt I’ve ever owned.

– Kristen D.

It’s so amazing how this shirt makes me extremely conscious of my words and actions whenever I wear it.

– Maggie M.

I can’t exactly act like an asshole when I’m wearing a Kindness is my Super Power t shirt now can I?

– Dylan K.

It’s a fun ritual I have every morning when I pick out a new Higher Vibes shirt to wear (I have them all) – I know that what’s on that shirt will be my focus for the day.

– Cassie W.

I find it so funny and pretty damn cool how people readily engage me in positive conversations when they read what my shirt says.

– Devon M.

I gave a Gratitude is My Super Power T-shirt to my girlfriend as a surprise gift and I’ll be damned if she didn’t show me exactly how powerful her gratitude was...all night!!!

– Kevin R.

I love the actual quality of the shirt as well. I’ve warn it and washed it like 50 times and it still feels brand new. I’ve never know a TShirt to do that 🤔

– Amanda H.

My Wake Up, Be Kind shirt changes the way I interact with people.

– Cary B.

Every time I wear my Trust the Universe T-shirt, I swear my anxieties diminish and I feel confident in the world.

– Corey W.

I wore my Inhale Love / Exhale Gratitude tee to yoga class and I had more girls check me out and chat me up about my shirt! It was amazing! It’s like the shirt has some strange energetic charge that like magnetizes people to you. WTF, In a good way!!

– Ben N.

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