Higher Vibes is an online apparel company that offers conscious clothing. Our mission is to Awaken and Inspire by spreading Higher Vibes. Please help support our mission by wearing your Vibe and permeating your Light into the world. 

Our products are more than just tee shirts, they are powerful messages and effective conversation starters.  What you say on the outside, tells a lot about who you are on the inside.  Let’s fill the streets, cafes, gyms, schools, offices and homes with walking billboards of peace, love and unity. Let’s wear our vibes as reminders to ourselves and others to promote the high vibrations of compassion, gratitude, kindness, understanding and awakening. The world needs all the Higher Vibes it can get.

We combine positive messaging, inspired designs, vibrant colors and print them on the highest quality material so you can look great while feeling great. 

Since raising the vibration of the world is our reason for being, we will be donating a portion of sale proceeds to non profits that help encourage the healing and spiritual growth of humanity.

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